Saturday, April 3, 2010

uk entry #11

MARCH 31st 2010

SNOW – holy crap – we woke up to snowing in bets-y-coed so we headed out of town toward caernefon – ok picture this bets-y-coed has a road in and a road out of town – there is like a forks in that road about 1mile east and 4 miles west away from the town – well as we heading the four miles west toward caernefon we got to the fork and both ways were snowed in so we heading back to town rerouted our plan and headed kinda north toward conway - FYI about 5 hours later we got word from a shop keeper in the old walled city of conway that bets-y-coed was now snowed in from all roads – if we had waited just alittle later we would have been snowed in – would that have been a bad thing ???? no

so just driving and seeing beautiful things in wales - so stunning

Regardless we did make it unsnowed in to conway - it is a very old walled city – so cool - we had a bit of a drive around

and then I got the feeling that there are GBers who do not think that PM gordon brown is doing a great job.

parked and climbed the stairs to the city’s wall and walked – it was freezing but beautiful and I got some cute shots of train tracks and seagulls and little ferns growing out of the wall and a castle

after climbing down the slippy cold staircase it was time for some lunch – we headed into this warm cheerful quaint little tea house – and we had of all things tea – and sandwiches

before we knew it we were back onto the cold wet streets of conway – we popped into some little shops

after our little walk we headed for the car and llandudno where there was some shopping to be done – BOOTS and MONSOON and JJB SPORTS GEAR - below is just another beautiful spire on the hwy ... come on :)

we then headed back toward Alsager for our sicken traditional morrison shopping trip (snowing again) and then a late night chinese with our hosts ed and anne ( seems like we have not seen them in FOREVER )

snowing again - ok it is mostly slush but to us floridians it is like when do we build the snow man - ok no snowman no white stuff stuck

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