Saturday, April 3, 2010

uk entry #13

APRIL 2ND 2010

This is it the last day – gary headed over to his mum’s for a little mother/son time – ahhhh so sweet and I slept – ahhhhhh – ok so the house started stirring at 10:45amGMT and ed was on the oatcake express as he was fixing the brunch we had a too short visit from faye and andy and little jack – jack is so sweet and clever

after oatcakes there was rockband madness

then we got all cleaned up and headed over to the mathers’s house to see – well lets face it - we went to meet little martha nancy – pete and alex’s 4 week old bundle of such pink precious JOY! – we then headed over to the martin’s for one last visit – we were meeting everyone out for a farewell dinner but the in-laws already had other plans – so stopped to have a special farewell tea with them -

We headed to the miller and carter steakhouse – it was this really cool renovated farmhouse – so cool - GREAT COMPANY and delicious grub

AND of course no evening in Alsager would be complete without a stop by the LODGE for a pint or two or three – I even got to be the designated driver - it is soooooooo weird to drive in the wrong side of the road I tell ya.

Headed home for 4 hours kip - then it is up up and away to FL in the AM J

p.s. i will miss you TURK

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