Saturday, April 3, 2010

uk entry #12

APRIL 1st 2010

AMY MACDONALD TONIGHT @ the academy manchester – what will this day unfold?????

GAZ headed for an early tee off with his dad at 8am – I slept as well as ed and anne – it was a very late night - for a change Once gary got home we headed out to get JOELLE !!!!!!!!!! from the train station in STOKE – notice there is not an arrivial pic of jo – well I forgot my camera – dang it – it was the first time this whole trip that I did not have the sucker around my neck - OH WELL - so we got joelle and headed back to ALSAGER and went to bank corner for a tea and spot of lunch

We were back to ed and anne’s where we hung out and cleaned up and got the camera rewrapped around my neck and headed to manchester

before amy the 5 of us went to this place-WAGAMAMA for a bite - have you heard of it ?

ok AMY we are here and ready to rock and roll with you - i mean look at the gazza - he has his dance face on :)

AMY totally delivered- amazing show - great company - i got alittle vid for you to watch below - enjoy !

after the show – we all had a cadbury crème egg mcflurry – all the talk and i have to say it were only ok - too much ice cream not enough creme egg (that was the general consensus anyway) -

Alsager bound – when we got home there was some jimmy carr to watch on the telly and then us ladies went to sleep while the boys stayed up and played xbox and had wind match - so boy and soooo minging (there you go ed) - ps enjoy the AMY clip (below)

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