Sunday, April 4, 2010

uk entry #14

April 3rd 2010
our journey began at 7am GMT - we were checked in at MAN and security scanned - upon arrival to the gate we were randomly searched ( i was randomly choosen - yipppee! ) - then we arrivied to PHL - when we got to PHL we got our luggage and we went thru customs and then we rechecked our bags and went thru security again - then it was on to PBI - we arrived at 8:45pm EST - total travel time = 18.45 - i am so happy finishing my last uk adventure blog from my own bed - ahhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!

FARWELL UK - until we meet again
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE - your friendship & hospitality is sooooo appreciated - we miss you all already and can not wait to see you on this side of the pond soon - love k&g

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