Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LA #6

OK last LA post ... what a wild ride :)
Today I was up and out by 7:30PST (ish)
I headed straight down to BURBANK and the WB lot. I signed up for the 8:40 VIP 2&1/2 tour. It was kinda cool

Gilmore Girls

 Alittle story ... while on the tour a guy came up to out shuttle and said he I have 4 tickets to CONAN anyone here interested ??? This cute family of three from the midwest said we would love to go and and just as the guy was walking away chicken me said I would like that 4th ticket. AND just like that my afternoon with nothing planned was planned ...

So after the tour i headed to Glendale to meet an old friend RAY RAY for lunch. It was so nice to just sit and chat for a few hours with RR.

After lunch it was off to the post office to ship some books home. I learned about media rate and what would have been 50-100 bucks to ship was only 9.68 ... can you believe it :)

OK now back to BURBANK and gate 8 and stage 15 eventually .... first there was parking and car validation, (camera placed in the truck) then metal detector in the parking garage holding area, then security, then check in i was party 83 (BTW the Brown's ... you know the nice midwest fam got turned away at check in b/c there daughter is 11) So I was now Brown party of one. Which is fine ... I made friends in no time with Ryan and his GF and some other couple. He was nice and said that they had been in the lottery for CONAN tickets for like 6 or 9 months ... DANG :)
So it was like this hurrry hurry OK wait .... hurry hurrry OK wait and so on but eventually we were at stage 15 (by foot... up hill ... in the snow ... no shoes you get the drift)

CONAN was GREAT .... It was really cool to see what happens during the breaks. The set was visually pretty amazing .... for me it was a whole new experience ... I mean I have not watched CONAN since he is on TBS ... The guests were some guy from Curb your Enthusiasm and a chick with a book about HAWAII and the history or something. The band was pretty good " the airborne toxic event "

For me if I am being picky ... I would have loved to go to Thursday's show ... Ryan Reynolds & Simon Pegg

after the show and the million mile walk back to the i headed to west hollywood for one more peep ... the traffic was heavy due to parking and attraction to the HOLLYWOOD BOWL ... tonight ... MOTLEY CREW and POISON .... damn the characters going in the joint .... PRICELESS

I watched the sunset and the moon come out and headed for the hills .... quite literally :)

When I arrived back Heather, Welly & the girls ... I was just in time for some famous Wellington dinner .... chicken and red rice and beautiful green beans ..... so DEELISH !!!!!

AND NOW .... NOW I am off to sleep .... Off to dream and rest for a busy day of travel ahead and I promise when I am home I will sit down and properly edit these 6 post and ADD some damn photos


until we meet again :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LA #5

Heather played hooky !!!!! (she took her kids to school and then ...)

Well then I saw a humming bird ... we don't have them little fellows in fl .... he flew out in the road and hovered right in front of our car checking us out as we came down the hill this morning ... cute little green fellow ... I think he was a sign of an amazing day to come :)

Korean Spa is an unforgettable experience !!!!

The bathhouse concept is as old as time and seen in every culture. I will start by saying ... Can I go back tomorrow?

OK blow by blow

arrived to the "spa"

paid and received a robe and two small towels and a key to a locker to store our stuff (and clothes)

so then Heather was trying to show me around the joint ... it was HUGE
facial room, sleeping rooms, reclining chair room, vanity rooms, dining room, waxing room, hot yoga room, steam room, warm room, sauna room, nail room, dry massage room, gym room, locker room, shower rooms, jacuzzi room, and scrub rooms.

But as Heather was showing me around the Korean labyrinth ...We got interrupted and were told to please shower .... go on shower now .... please ... so we did .... after we showered we jacuzzised in the hot but not too hot jacuzzi .... we tried the iceey one but it was too cold and the hot/hot was too hot but the warm/hot was just right ... we headed for a little sauna just as we entered we were told to come now ... so we did

It was a rushed meet my technician "lee" she was dresses in the most modest of black bra and panties. All the worker's wore this "uniform" ...

I entered into my service room through mustard yellow bathroom door stall doors .... The floors were granite with purple and thick clear vinyl covered massage tables shelves up high with piles and piles of towels there were large trash cans filled with hot water and large plastic bowls for dipping and pouring.

I was told to get on table face down ... i was laying on this steamy hot towel and she "lee" asked
"it your first time?" ... I really thought before I answered that question (and i have no idea why ?)
So the scrubbing began , then washing , then I had to go shower again and then the massage , then I got an amazing face mask and then she washed and conditioned my hair ... HEAVEN !!!
Final words from "lee" you no shower anymore today ... shower tomorrow and bring tip to me ... ahhhhhhhhh


OK review of the AROMA'S i experienced during my Scrub&Rub
#1 cucumber
#2 celery
#3 lavender
#4 peppermint
#5 strawberry


So after all that heaven heather and I headed to Umami Burger .... really deelish

The to the Americana for a little shopping

Lastly was family night ... Heather and I cooked meatballs and spaghetti for her family and then the adults enjoyed being entertained by the kids as they sang and did fun tricks on POGO sticks and RIPSTICKS

AND the VIEW .... Beautiful !

Tomorrow is my last day :(

pics to come

Monday, June 13, 2011

LA #4

Day 4

Art Out Day :0)
Slow Start today ... just as a Sunday should be ....
First stop the GETTY Museum ...

We took a tram up to this amazing outdoor space with views and lawns and gardens ... you could even see the ocean - All that and had not even seen the ART yet. Inside I truly enjoyed the Tree exhibit, perused the Cuba show and loved checking out some of their permanent collection. After that we wandered around the gardens. LOVELY :) I think that the Getty is the kinda place you need to spend days exploring. I can not wait to see it again one day soon.


So we dropped off the fam at home to chill and Heather and I headed into LACMA to see the Tim Burton Exhibit. It is summed up by saying it was a complete study of his work. UNBELIEVABLE truly overwhelming and awesome and amazing. I think it will take me a few days to even talk about it.


On another note while checking out some of the other galleries at LACMA I was star struck when I whispered to Heather ... "I think that is Diane Keaton" .... She was this slender woman in beautiful high waisted wide legged black trousers with a crisp white button-down tucked in and a great annie hall hat. Heather replied to me ... "Well she certainly is dressed like her" It was her and I could not have been more chicken. Why didn't I just just say like the guy in piccys this pic below .... hello ... I really admire your work or hello ... ... I just was blank and snuck some pics only. DIANE KEATON .... seriously one of my favs .... Oh Well

After DK + LACMA ... We were ready for some din din .... how about a Taqueria ... I mean it is day 4 and i am in LA .... For pete's sake it has taken me long enough to sink my teeth into a good old TACO .... Well today was the day :)

11:45pm PST .... earliest I have headed to bed since I have been out here .... It is a good thing! ALSO totally looking forward to MONDAY ... It is looking like Korean Spa in the a.m. and either WB or Beauty Culture in the afternoon :)

So GREAT !!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

LA #3

I Love LA .... We Love It !!!!

What a Freakin Cool day !

Happy Saturday - I was up by 9:30 and showered and dressed and ready for CHOPPED !!!

That is right we played the game "chopped" in Heather's kitchen :)

The cooking teams where are followed ...

and the judges

We had forty minutes to prepare a brunch with our cooking team members, the use of pantry items and had we had to include all the secret ingredients.
me - Quinoa
heather - Mushrooms
lilly - Cubed Steak
bailey - Strawberries
wellington - Apples

While we cooked... Jaz took some "chopped" pics from her perspective:)
Our Creations Were ...

Me&Heather - Our take on Fried Chicken&Waffles ... chicken fried cube steak with a white mushroom, green onion, bacon gravy AND Apple, Bacon, Cheddar Waffle with a Strawberry Balsamic Syrup.

Lilly&Bailey - The bacon delight ... an Egg, Steak and Bacon sandwich with Mushrooms served with a icee glass of milk with a beautiful Strawberry.

Wellington - To me it was a stew of all the ingredients served on a slice of bread and scrumy spices !

Who Won ????
hummmmmmm...... wellington :(

So then we were off to this park in Altadena to see Lilly perform SAX with her school band at the Relay For Life ... AWESOME ... I even won a GIFTCARD in the raffle !!!

After that the girls went with their GOD-MAMMA's for a hang out and a sleep over ... FUN

So me+heather+welly went on alittle drive around looking at houses and such in the Pasedena area ... SO AWESOME ... loved the old town and the architecture.
Quick drive up the hill to the house for a quick change and off to the story party :)

We went to Tami+Matthew's beautiful home with 4 cats and 2 dogs and met a ton of people. We all broke bread and drank some liquid courage and got ready for story time. We had a few icebreakers then started to tell stories one at a time. The stories were AMAZING. The group was pretty creative and interesting. I did not have to tell my story. OH WELL ...
Did I mentions Welly's Ailurophobia ?

Really COOL day ... need sleep as we are heading to the GETTY in the a.m Sunday :)


Saturday, June 11, 2011

LA #2

Today I woke up a little later ... like 715PST (is that right pacific standard time ?)

Quick clean up + some amazing cali strawberries and off to the beach I headed to meet Ellen Jane and her hunk Henry.

There are alot of freeways out here .... it is not as simple as should I take 95 or the turnpike ? I could not figure out garmin for this one ... used the ole I phone maps ... worked like a charm :)
Today is a typical "JUNE GLOOMER" ... cloudy and cool. I arrived to venice beach and ... I was kinda .... well lets just say it was not what I expected. I do not know maybe it was the weather maybe it was the quietness of the boardwalk maybe it was a combo. I actually think it was the time of day. Then I saw EJ smiling and knew the gloom would not last. Henry had been to VB so he knew what to expect and shared with us. First stop the BB courts used in the filming of "White Men Can't Jump" ... Where oddly enough we found a white man who in fact could not jump ... poor fellow :)
Then there was some walking and as the venetian began this slow awakening process we shopped & lunched :)
Next was the outdoor gym AKA "Muscle Beach" SERIOUSLY ... It was totally surreal !
The whole situation was surreal

It can be summed up using the following photos and a quote I saw on a handmade t'shirt (made by a guy who looked like a cross between a young eddie murphy and the guy who makes all the crazy sounds in the police academy films)
It said "i have seen some crazy shite in venice beach" and I said to the guy "you got that right" ... he smiled but I could tell he was not happy that I did not intend to buy the shirt ... nevermind
It was time for Ellen and I to say our sad goodbyes :(
I headed north a few miles to Santa Monica :)
The PCH "pacific coast highway toward Malibu ... I just love saything that.... I had my top down and was headed north on the PCH to Malibu .... oh and I have the sunburn to prove it. YES it was like 4pm and the sun was out finally :)

In Malibu it was time for a little pick me up :) Marmalade Cafe totally scrumy !!!!
Before heading home I had one more stop. As a high school student there was a few dream colleges for me. One being Pepperdine ... I had to see it :)
OK ... GARMIN "home" please .... oh and he (garmin) did via the scariest "canyon highway" .... Malibu Caynon Road .... freak me OUTTTTTTT !!! I did end up back to Heather's safe and sound within an hour or so :)

A little skype with Gazzy and I was off again ... This time Heather and I headed to a Korean Karaoke joint where you rent a Karaoke room by the hour. AWESOME concept !!!!! Had a BLAST with Heather's friends.
After Karaoke we needed some sort of dinner/midnight snack .... CANTERS ... It is like a west coast Too Jays :) DEELISH !!!!