Tuesday, March 30, 2010

uk entry #10

march 30/31 2010 12.19GMT
if i am honest this is the bit of the trip i have been waiting for 36 hours, me, gaz, the fiat , and northern wales - the day started with some blogging in alsager as we did a load of clothes at the local laundromat and had an early lunch
then it was wales here we come and we arrived
and then i saw "get in lane" sign but in welsh - it just seem more polite ;0)
first stop was trevor wales and the "stream in the sky" - the following are pictures from the view at the top of the aqueduct - ok so i am walking and it was like this is awesome and then it was like what the hell am i doing up here - i was scared - in a i didn't even know i was scared way - the pictures do not do the height justice - there was NO railing on one side of the "canal" - i am actually getting scared recalling it now.

this is a view of the aqueduct from this nearby local original medieval bridge - then i crossed the bridge and saw this amazing house ( i totally want to live here )
up the road away from trevor was llangollen - it was such a sweet town - and we had a nice walk around and then we dipped into this pub on the river dee - it was an old mill very cool and great tea - ( below view of the bridge from the pub and view of the pub from the bridge)
ok now we were off to our last stop betws-y-coed - on our way the sun was setting and as we winded in and out of the mountains just over the hand-built stone wall was sheep and their little free running baby lambs - i needed a few pics of the bebe lambies
we arrived to betws-y-coed and we have settled into a lovely little hotel - royal oak hotel
we just had a bite of dinner and a proper beer or two and some football(and here is where i tell you the score of the game and so if you do not and do not want to know look away from the screen - 2-1 manchester LOST) and i have bought my internet voucher and now i am blogging away with bbc news on and gary reading the the daily star - i am looking forward to tomorrow - i did not realize that this town is a hiking haven - so we will do a short trail before heading west to the coast. laters -
p.s. bitters 101
it needs to have this head on it - the head that looks like mold or something is floating on top - YUM YUM

Sunday, March 28, 2010

uk entry #9

MARCH 3oth 2010 11:23GMT
monday monday - up and off to nanny's for lunch - this is a pic from the little pub we went to with nanny in little sutton
after lunch we heading to nanny's house and i found wonderful treasures - like these - a painting done by gary's granddad and an embroidery done by nanny
a wedding photo of nanny and granddad
and these sweet little figurines on the window sill of what was once gary's mum's childhood bedroom
after alittle look at the daily paper (notice the headlines) so great :)
we were on our way to maggie and richies's - there was one little detour to visit the church that graham and janet were married in
and where gary's granddad has a headstone ( rest in peace granddad )
ok so then we arrived to maggie and richies's house and the party began - there was food and drink and a regular jam session in the kitchen - it was awesome we sang as richie and gareth played beautiful guitar - cat stevens - neil young - beatles etc - it was great :)
there was some crazy high energy conversation and LASTLY we then had to get pictures of all
gareth and katie
rhannion and marc
richie and maggie

uk entry #8

MARCH 30th 2010 12:58pm GMT
sunday - ahhhhhhhh that means hanging at the martin's and enjoying a sunday lunch and another game of poker - ah but before lunch alittle grand prix
ian and hollie - if rkid is not careful his face may stay that way

ok we didnt go and get any but the local mister softee truck came by - so cute
then we headed over to gaz's uncle trevor and aunt ann's place but we can not call then aunt and uncle and so from now on they will only be referred to as trevor and ann or our trevor and our ann - anyway - it was my first time meeting them and it was great like this secret that i had been kept from for 7 years - we can not leave it another 7 years for pete's sake
ahhhhhh our trevor and our ann's kitty TINK - so sweet - we miss you cooter girl :0)
bye bye ian and hollie see you soon - hopefully on the other side of the pond this time !
ok it was 10 to 10 on a sunday evening and g and i were feeling abit peckish - so what else but a KEBAB - mine chicken and veg on naan and gary's lamb and veg on pita - both had this garlicy mayoy yumminess - so we got home from picking up our take away and watched this seriously crazy made for tv film called "28 weeks later" danny boyle film (slumdog millionaire) starring robbie caryle (full monty) - it was so NUTZ and freaking scary - it was great and i thought of you JOANNA - good times good times

uk entry #7

March 28/29 2am GMT
slept in just a tidbit and when we woke anne was found in the garden pulling weeds and planting seeds - and before we knew it ed was up and was cooking the most delicious breaky - farm fresh eggs (literally) , pancakes, sausage, and proper bacon rations - tres bonne - so after breakfast ed had to get some work done and gary went golfing with his dad and for me - well it only took little convincing for me to get anne to "go uphanleyduck" <--- i have no idea what that means it is just what they say for like the local largeish shopping centre - so we SHOPPED and drank starbucks
then it was home in a shot and showered and ready to go for our indian meal ( oh how i have missed you good indian food)
then off to the PUB again - did i mention england has a bit of a "pub cultural"
lastly and this what not so pretty but at about 1am the pub was closed and we headed to ed and anne's house for more drink and just stupid amounts of junk food - here is the photo to prove it - ahhhhhhh england - i heart you - k

uk entry #6

March 27/28 12:15am GMT
waking up at chez robin's was wonderful - lovely continental breakfast and then a guided tour of the royal standard it is the oldest freestanding alehouse in allll of england - i had an amazing rhubarb ginger soft drink
our tour led us to the quaint town of old beaconsfield - i just loved this tree - gaz said it is a type of conifer tree -
and then we saw the gangster barber - they had an official tupak posters - sweet:)
headed back to alsager on the motorway we came across this road sign ("get in lane" now the english are supposed to be polite and reserved - i find that sign demanding and down right RUDE :) - we also saw this beautiful rainbow and sunset - ahhh just lovely deary
typical friday evening in the uk fish&chips with the fam and friends then off to the pub (see pics below) and then some poker !!!!