Monday, June 13, 2011

LA #4

Day 4

Art Out Day :0)
Slow Start today ... just as a Sunday should be ....
First stop the GETTY Museum ...

We took a tram up to this amazing outdoor space with views and lawns and gardens ... you could even see the ocean - All that and had not even seen the ART yet. Inside I truly enjoyed the Tree exhibit, perused the Cuba show and loved checking out some of their permanent collection. After that we wandered around the gardens. LOVELY :) I think that the Getty is the kinda place you need to spend days exploring. I can not wait to see it again one day soon.


So we dropped off the fam at home to chill and Heather and I headed into LACMA to see the Tim Burton Exhibit. It is summed up by saying it was a complete study of his work. UNBELIEVABLE truly overwhelming and awesome and amazing. I think it will take me a few days to even talk about it.


On another note while checking out some of the other galleries at LACMA I was star struck when I whispered to Heather ... "I think that is Diane Keaton" .... She was this slender woman in beautiful high waisted wide legged black trousers with a crisp white button-down tucked in and a great annie hall hat. Heather replied to me ... "Well she certainly is dressed like her" It was her and I could not have been more chicken. Why didn't I just just say like the guy in piccys this pic below .... hello ... I really admire your work or hello ... ... I just was blank and snuck some pics only. DIANE KEATON .... seriously one of my favs .... Oh Well

After DK + LACMA ... We were ready for some din din .... how about a Taqueria ... I mean it is day 4 and i am in LA .... For pete's sake it has taken me long enough to sink my teeth into a good old TACO .... Well today was the day :)

11:45pm PST .... earliest I have headed to bed since I have been out here .... It is a good thing! ALSO totally looking forward to MONDAY ... It is looking like Korean Spa in the a.m. and either WB or Beauty Culture in the afternoon :)

So GREAT !!!!!

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