Friday, June 10, 2011

LA #1

So today I started the day at 630am hanging with lilly+jaz my new bff's. We chatted and made beautiful art
Then got ready to head down the hill to drop kids at school. Their school is this really awesome little two room school house k-8. Amazing .... sometimes I dream of having a little school like this.

Anywho I adventured in my little borrowed convertible pt cruiser with a garmin installed (thanks Wellington) to some equine area ... I was lost ... I then typed Grumman Chinese Theatre and off I went to Hollywood :)

I MADE IT !!!!

10am Felt alittle peck-kish and came across in&out burger on sunset .... so I stopped ... picked up an la times and enjoyed alittle brunch

Then I headed to the KODAK THEATRE parked and made my way to the street surface for some gawking and planning ( what cheesey LA tours should I take ???? )

my wish list...
#1 Star Homes tour
#2 TMZ tour
#3 WB tour
#4 Sony Tour
#5 Paramount Tour

Today I accomplished 2 of'em

Star Homes
Where you actually get to see the gates of celebrities :) seriously ... ACTUALLY I only remember a few of the gates ... sorry :) o and we saw the HOLLYWOOD sign :)

OK HERE WE GO ... first stop hollywood sign :)
Alittle foggy I know ... They call it "June Gloom" and it burned off in the afternoon daily .... Not gonna lie ... it was kinda nice coming from south florida - kept it nice and cool :)

OK OK OK STARS HOMES (gates) ... the ones I recall :)

madonnakatherine zeta jones & michael douglas
jen aniston bill cosby
the beckhamstomkat
fresh prince of bel air that is right BEL AIR BABY !!!!!

then back to the KODAK & THE CHINESE THEATRE
midday slump pick me up... CRUMBS !!!

Now I am ready for the TMZ TOUR
totally awesome tour .. it is a lot like the show if you are familiar with that... you defo see a different side to LA .... it is very entertaining .... I took only a few pics on the tour we were so busy on the tour doing trivia, winning prizes and hearing some crazy stories :)

me on the tour :)apparently a big break up spot for the famous :)
capitol records they are setting up for the premiere of SUPER 8
medical marijuana anyone ????no tagline needed
bijan's bugatti veyron HB mister president
ahhhh ALEX you ROCK ... cheers mate :)

By 7pm it was time to meet my hosts for an amazing thai feast at The Palms Thai @ 5900 Hollywood Bulv. I know this because I had to pull over and enter into Garmin a few times :)

Lastly this fun filled day ended with a climb up a hill to the Griffith Observatory & Planetarium .... BREATHTAKING !!!!!

james dean <3
seriously heather we totally picked up where we left off at 15 years old and that is RAD ... FER SURE
moon rock
night time view of LA
part of the ceiling in the observatory ... RAD

My one wish .... I wish Gary was here to experience all this with me ... it is (as a true valley girl would say ) sooooo RAD !!!!!

Tomorrow is beachy with Ellen Jane + Henry and possibly Korean Karaoke ???? Dont Ask ... I have no idea :)

Goodnight !

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