Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LA #5

Heather played hooky !!!!! (she took her kids to school and then ...)

Well then I saw a humming bird ... we don't have them little fellows in fl .... he flew out in the road and hovered right in front of our car checking us out as we came down the hill this morning ... cute little green fellow ... I think he was a sign of an amazing day to come :)

Korean Spa is an unforgettable experience !!!!

The bathhouse concept is as old as time and seen in every culture. I will start by saying ... Can I go back tomorrow?

OK blow by blow

arrived to the "spa"

paid and received a robe and two small towels and a key to a locker to store our stuff (and clothes)

so then Heather was trying to show me around the joint ... it was HUGE
facial room, sleeping rooms, reclining chair room, vanity rooms, dining room, waxing room, hot yoga room, steam room, warm room, sauna room, nail room, dry massage room, gym room, locker room, shower rooms, jacuzzi room, and scrub rooms.

But as Heather was showing me around the Korean labyrinth ...We got interrupted and were told to please shower .... go on shower now .... please ... so we did .... after we showered we jacuzzised in the hot but not too hot jacuzzi .... we tried the iceey one but it was too cold and the hot/hot was too hot but the warm/hot was just right ... we headed for a little sauna just as we entered we were told to come now ... so we did

It was a rushed meet my technician "lee" she was dresses in the most modest of black bra and panties. All the worker's wore this "uniform" ...

I entered into my service room through mustard yellow bathroom door stall doors .... The floors were granite with purple and thick clear vinyl covered massage tables shelves up high with piles and piles of towels there were large trash cans filled with hot water and large plastic bowls for dipping and pouring.

I was told to get on table face down ... i was laying on this steamy hot towel and she "lee" asked
"it your first time?" ... I really thought before I answered that question (and i have no idea why ?)
So the scrubbing began , then washing , then I had to go shower again and then the massage , then I got an amazing face mask and then she washed and conditioned my hair ... HEAVEN !!!
Final words from "lee" you no shower anymore today ... shower tomorrow and bring tip to me ... ahhhhhhhhh


OK review of the AROMA'S i experienced during my Scrub&Rub
#1 cucumber
#2 celery
#3 lavender
#4 peppermint
#5 strawberry


So after all that heaven heather and I headed to Umami Burger .... really deelish

The to the Americana for a little shopping

Lastly was family night ... Heather and I cooked meatballs and spaghetti for her family and then the adults enjoyed being entertained by the kids as they sang and did fun tricks on POGO sticks and RIPSTICKS

AND the VIEW .... Beautiful !

Tomorrow is my last day :(

pics to come

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