Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LA #6

OK last LA post ... what a wild ride :)
Today I was up and out by 7:30PST (ish)
I headed straight down to BURBANK and the WB lot. I signed up for the 8:40 VIP 2&1/2 tour. It was kinda cool

Gilmore Girls

 Alittle story ... while on the tour a guy came up to out shuttle and said he I have 4 tickets to CONAN anyone here interested ??? This cute family of three from the midwest said we would love to go and and just as the guy was walking away chicken me said I would like that 4th ticket. AND just like that my afternoon with nothing planned was planned ...

So after the tour i headed to Glendale to meet an old friend RAY RAY for lunch. It was so nice to just sit and chat for a few hours with RR.

After lunch it was off to the post office to ship some books home. I learned about media rate and what would have been 50-100 bucks to ship was only 9.68 ... can you believe it :)

OK now back to BURBANK and gate 8 and stage 15 eventually .... first there was parking and car validation, (camera placed in the truck) then metal detector in the parking garage holding area, then security, then check in i was party 83 (BTW the Brown's ... you know the nice midwest fam got turned away at check in b/c there daughter is 11) So I was now Brown party of one. Which is fine ... I made friends in no time with Ryan and his GF and some other couple. He was nice and said that they had been in the lottery for CONAN tickets for like 6 or 9 months ... DANG :)
So it was like this hurrry hurry OK wait .... hurry hurrry OK wait and so on but eventually we were at stage 15 (by foot... up hill ... in the snow ... no shoes you get the drift)

CONAN was GREAT .... It was really cool to see what happens during the breaks. The set was visually pretty amazing .... for me it was a whole new experience ... I mean I have not watched CONAN since he is on TBS ... The guests were some guy from Curb your Enthusiasm and a chick with a book about HAWAII and the history or something. The band was pretty good " the airborne toxic event "

For me if I am being picky ... I would have loved to go to Thursday's show ... Ryan Reynolds & Simon Pegg

after the show and the million mile walk back to the i headed to west hollywood for one more peep ... the traffic was heavy due to parking and attraction to the HOLLYWOOD BOWL ... tonight ... MOTLEY CREW and POISON .... damn the characters going in the joint .... PRICELESS

I watched the sunset and the moon come out and headed for the hills .... quite literally :)

When I arrived back Heather, Welly & the girls ... I was just in time for some famous Wellington dinner .... chicken and red rice and beautiful green beans ..... so DEELISH !!!!!

AND NOW .... NOW I am off to sleep .... Off to dream and rest for a busy day of travel ahead and I promise when I am home I will sit down and properly edit these 6 post and ADD some damn photos


until we meet again :)

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