Sunday, June 12, 2011

LA #3

I Love LA .... We Love It !!!!

What a Freakin Cool day !

Happy Saturday - I was up by 9:30 and showered and dressed and ready for CHOPPED !!!

That is right we played the game "chopped" in Heather's kitchen :)

The cooking teams where are followed ...

and the judges

We had forty minutes to prepare a brunch with our cooking team members, the use of pantry items and had we had to include all the secret ingredients.
me - Quinoa
heather - Mushrooms
lilly - Cubed Steak
bailey - Strawberries
wellington - Apples

While we cooked... Jaz took some "chopped" pics from her perspective:)
Our Creations Were ...

Me&Heather - Our take on Fried Chicken&Waffles ... chicken fried cube steak with a white mushroom, green onion, bacon gravy AND Apple, Bacon, Cheddar Waffle with a Strawberry Balsamic Syrup.

Lilly&Bailey - The bacon delight ... an Egg, Steak and Bacon sandwich with Mushrooms served with a icee glass of milk with a beautiful Strawberry.

Wellington - To me it was a stew of all the ingredients served on a slice of bread and scrumy spices !

Who Won ????
hummmmmmm...... wellington :(

So then we were off to this park in Altadena to see Lilly perform SAX with her school band at the Relay For Life ... AWESOME ... I even won a GIFTCARD in the raffle !!!

After that the girls went with their GOD-MAMMA's for a hang out and a sleep over ... FUN

So me+heather+welly went on alittle drive around looking at houses and such in the Pasedena area ... SO AWESOME ... loved the old town and the architecture.
Quick drive up the hill to the house for a quick change and off to the story party :)

We went to Tami+Matthew's beautiful home with 4 cats and 2 dogs and met a ton of people. We all broke bread and drank some liquid courage and got ready for story time. We had a few icebreakers then started to tell stories one at a time. The stories were AMAZING. The group was pretty creative and interesting. I did not have to tell my story. OH WELL ...
Did I mentions Welly's Ailurophobia ?

Really COOL day ... need sleep as we are heading to the GETTY in the a.m Sunday :)


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  1. you didn't have to tell your story?!?! Lucky!