Sunday, March 28, 2010

uk entry #6

March 27/28 12:15am GMT
waking up at chez robin's was wonderful - lovely continental breakfast and then a guided tour of the royal standard it is the oldest freestanding alehouse in allll of england - i had an amazing rhubarb ginger soft drink
our tour led us to the quaint town of old beaconsfield - i just loved this tree - gaz said it is a type of conifer tree -
and then we saw the gangster barber - they had an official tupak posters - sweet:)
headed back to alsager on the motorway we came across this road sign ("get in lane" now the english are supposed to be polite and reserved - i find that sign demanding and down right RUDE :) - we also saw this beautiful rainbow and sunset - ahhh just lovely deary
typical friday evening in the uk fish&chips with the fam and friends then off to the pub (see pics below) and then some poker !!!!

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