Sunday, March 28, 2010

uk entry #8

MARCH 30th 2010 12:58pm GMT
sunday - ahhhhhhhh that means hanging at the martin's and enjoying a sunday lunch and another game of poker - ah but before lunch alittle grand prix
ian and hollie - if rkid is not careful his face may stay that way

ok we didnt go and get any but the local mister softee truck came by - so cute
then we headed over to gaz's uncle trevor and aunt ann's place but we can not call then aunt and uncle and so from now on they will only be referred to as trevor and ann or our trevor and our ann - anyway - it was my first time meeting them and it was great like this secret that i had been kept from for 7 years - we can not leave it another 7 years for pete's sake
ahhhhhh our trevor and our ann's kitty TINK - so sweet - we miss you cooter girl :0)
bye bye ian and hollie see you soon - hopefully on the other side of the pond this time !
ok it was 10 to 10 on a sunday evening and g and i were feeling abit peckish - so what else but a KEBAB - mine chicken and veg on naan and gary's lamb and veg on pita - both had this garlicy mayoy yumminess - so we got home from picking up our take away and watched this seriously crazy made for tv film called "28 weeks later" danny boyle film (slumdog millionaire) starring robbie caryle (full monty) - it was so NUTZ and freaking scary - it was great and i thought of you JOANNA - good times good times

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