Saturday, March 27, 2010

uk entry #2

uk entry #2
March 24/25th 2010 2.55am GMT

finding internet access has been sparse - mostly because i am a computer dumb dumb - regardless - now i will get you caught up on the journey so far
the flight from PBI to PHI was great it left 15 minutes late and arrived 15 minutes early - and we circled PHI airport for at least 20 minutes - the first photo for this entry finds me and gaz all tucked up and ready for that PBI - PHI flight

so then we arrived to philly - we walked from terminal B to terminal A and found this little wine bar across from our gate and with a 2.5 hour layover that was handy - so a beer for gaz and a mushroom soup for me - i am on major cold meds trying to keep the liquid dry in my ears and head.
and we are off - rain in philly will not delay our lift off to the uk :)
we are hunkered down and ready to go - excited for BBQ chicken and THE BLINDSIDE on demand
then gaz got sleepy and went nite nite - me i watched the sunrise

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