Saturday, March 27, 2010

uk entry #5

march25/26 2010 1.40am GMT
still no internet connection but that does not keep me from blogging away - will upload later - today we made our way to the marble factory in newton abbot - where there was marbles and glass blowing and a massive mouse trap hanging on the wall and funky glasses too - what more could you ask for on a rainy day - plus it was FREEEEEEE !
and then off to stonehedge - opps i mean stonehenge - but first a sandwich and nap on the road
STONEHENGE - that shite is crazy - and it was sooooooo cold at the rock site - i was an icicle
this evening we had a lovely dinner with gaz's aunt and her family eileen, jim, emma and her beau adam - great dinner - great conversation again until the wee hours of the night :)
- off to bed as tomorrow brings great new adventure

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