Saturday, March 27, 2010

uk entry #3

March 24/25th 2010 2.55am GMT
we are here !!!!!

JANET (my mother in law) picked us up
we headed to their house to visit with graham ( the pop in law ) for a cuppa tea or two ( we are in england after all )
then it was off in JANET'S FIAT to anne and ed's house to get moved in and shower and NAP ( finally - been up 26 hours - not so good for the "allergies" )
after my death NAP of 1.5 hours - we greeted anne as she got home from work and awaited ed's arrival home - we had big plans for a PUB QUIZ !!!!!!!!!! you know i love it - we played on the in-laws team and we came in 2nd place ( don't worry we will be back next tuesday - for revenge ) me gaz and eddy headed home and stayed up chatting until the wee hours .... i need sleep !!!!!!!

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