Saturday, March 27, 2010

uk entry #4

March 24/25th 2010 2.55am GMT
morning or should i say good afternoon - we woke up at noon - opps we were meant to be on the road by 10 am ( thank god i packed last night before bed ) - and so the clove/cinnamon/thyme steam ritual took place and i noticed as i look up (kinda) from my bowl
that in the uk ( maybe other places ) but here anyway - MOSS grows everywhere - even on the roofs of houses and then when it rains or in the damp - anyway it falls off the roof and then it is on the sidewalk and it is SUPER SLIPPERY - just a point of observation
as i was packing the car to head off to newton abbott (devon) aunty audrey, david and phillip's house - i noticed that spring is springing - it has been and long winter and little bits and bobs are beginning to pop up in the garden.
so now we are heading on the "M6" and saw the new vw scirocco - it is so sexy - right ???
ok then we stopped for a sandwich at M&S and saw this beautiful magpie
fog has set in that is just incredible -
i felt like i was on a film set - like really british damp fog - wolfman shite - we stopped for gas in this little place off the beaten path and it was surrounding by so much fog - i was scared actually - it was eerie - the picture does not do it justice and i was too scared to keep photographing it. i was like that chick in the horror film when you the viewer is yelling at the screen "dont go in there" and she (i) does (do) in fact go in "there" - am happy to report i survived :)

hanging with the william's was AMAZING - we were welcomed with opened arms and had a proper sit down meal and fooled around with the boys and chatted and chatted and chatted in the wee hours ( this is becoming a habit i think - ah it is what family vacation is alllllll about )
and now it is 3.30 am GMT and i believe that i have caught you up on all the coming and goings of the uk 2010 journey so far - goodnight and more soon - k

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